Monday, 2 December 2013

A Royal Birth // Save Women and Children from Dying in Childbirth!

This Christmas time, people all over the world will reflect on the birth of Jesus, a baby born in desperate conditions and without any medical support. Over 2,000 on, the same things happens to thousands of women all over the world, putting mothers and babies in grave danger...

800 women and children needlessly die in childbirth every day! In Haiti, 75% of births happen at home with absolutely no medical support! So there is no surprise that Haiti has the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in western hemisphere!

A Royal Birth aims to put an end to this by supporting local hospitals through The Haiti Hospital Appeal to help save thousands of lives each Christmas. If 1,000 individuals, churches and schools committed to raising just £200 this Christmas, you can help keep the leading hospital in Northern Haiti to keep running for another year to help save thousands more babies and mothers this Christmas! 

Please watch their video here, and find out more about how to get involved with their work this Christmas!


Ronell x

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