Saturday, 8 June 2013

Challenge to Contentment

I challenge you to be content. Contentment isn't necessarily feeling elated or overjoyed and happy 24/7.  For me I guess it is just no longer that intense need that comes sooner or later to make drastic changes and go in a different direction, but instead feeling settled and well, for lack of better word, content!

I sat down and looked at my life recently. Yes, I realise my life today is a million miles from where I wanted it to be and what I wanted to do, but I can honestly say.. it is the funniest thing.. but I am truly and deeply happy. Life isn't easy, it isn't what I expected or planned for, but somehow it is full of contentment and finally: a real sense of peace and joy.

As strange as that might sound, it is true and it is freeing! I encourage you to really go deep in your search for contentment. It won't come from money or things or even necessarily people. For me, contentment started when I gave the reigns of my life over to God and began to embrace the purpose that He has set out for it. 

I get that it sounds strange, I really do, but it is completely what I believe. For me, I know that, as long as I am within God's will for my life, no matter what the circumstance, I will have that peace, joy and contentment that He has promised me.


Ronell x

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