Sunday, 2 June 2013

Use Your Gifts Wisely

by Joyce Meyer - posted June 02, 2013

Having gifts (faculties, talents, qualities) that differ according to the grace given us, let us use them… 
Romans 12:6
My husband, Dave, once did one of the wisest things I’ve seen. Before we entered full-time ministry he worked as an engineer. He was offered a promotion that included a pay raise and a lot of prestige. But he turned it down. At first I was angry with him. I thought he was making a big mistake. Didn’t he want to climb the corporate ladder? He explained that he had watched the other men in that position. They had to travel extensively, and they were constantly saddled with unreasonable deadlines that put them under tremendous stress. “That is not the way I want to live,” Dave said. He chose the position that allowed him to stay within his abilities and stick to his core values—commitment to God and family, and comfort with self—rather than chasing corporate power so others would look up to him. Besides, why choose a higher paycheck if you just spend it on doctor bills to relieve your stress-induced illnesses?
The most important foundations to long-term happiness are being in right relationship with God, good health, a loving home life, work that is satisfying and not overly stressful, and enough money that you don’t worry about finances.
I believe there could be much more happiness and less stress in the world if people would take the time to seek God about decisions. When you are offered a new position, ask yourself why you want it. If it’s just for prestige, don’t take it. Money is an important consideration and can make some things in life easier, but don’t take any job purely for the money if it’s going to make you less happy on a daily basis.
It is always wise to think about the long-term effect of every commitment. Don’t merely think of the benefits, but also think of the way it will change your overall life. Every privilege comes with responsibility, so make sure you are ready for both before saying “yes.”
Trust in Him: Always follow peace and make decisions based on godly wisdom. Trust God to open doors for you that are right and close ones that are wrong.

From the book Trusting God Day by Day by Joyce Meyer. 

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