Monday, 17 March 2014

Lent: Day 10 // Talent Show


{Lent} Day 10:

40 acts // Talent Show // Look at that list you made for act #3. Your toolbox will probably include a few skills that you’ve had up your sleeve for a while and never really had the chance to use. Your challenge for today is to TELL SOMEONE about your secret talents. Post your list online as a Facebook status or share it in your 40acts Together group, and then offer to teach someone how to do what you can do. Teaching and mentoring is generosity multiplied, because you give them something they too can give away. What skill will you share today? Share it with us too using #40acts and we'll see if we can match some skills to some needs!

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I already teach, tutor and mentor, so wasn't sure what to do for this one. The one thing I did feel led to share today, was that God has been impressing on my heart about using the voice He has given me to lead worship, rather than just being a backing vocalist. Honestly, I really don't want to be a worship leader - I don't believe I am good enough! - but I do believe God has a call on my life, so I am trying to step out of my comfort zone... Watch this space...

Live Free 
// Give up snacking this week. Use the money that you’d have spent on food for those who don’t have that luxury. Donate it to your local foodbank. #BeFree from gluttony #LiveFree.

Hope your Lent efforts are still going strong!


Ronell x

"I run the path of Your commands, 
for You have set my heart free"

{Psalm 119:32}

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