Monday, 31 March 2014

Lent: Day 12 // #nofilter


{Lent} Day 11:

40 acts // #nofilter // Young children have no filter a lot of the time: they say the first thing that pops into their heads, without worrying about how it will sound first. They also crucially lack the preconceptions, judgements and assumptions that most adults default to. Over time, they’ll learn discernment; but is there something we can learn from them today? Can we, for one day, try to disentangle our discernment from our small-minded, preconceived ideas about people? Today your challenge is to treat people as equals – to assume nothing about their lives, but to show them love and generosity and friendship regardless.

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This is so true! I love seeing a child's unspoilt innocence in action- the ones who have
not been corrupted by judging others and forming opinions of their peers based on 
shallow things like weight, wealth or possessions. Conversely, it disturbs and pains
me to see children as young as FOUR (I am a Reception Teacher) making harsh 
snap-judgements of their friends based on these irrelevant qualities. What are they 
being exposed to that has already awakened that awareness in them?? Very 
disturbing indeed...

As a side note to this, I have also realised how quickly and easily we can make
judgements of other's lifestyle choices, even on a professional level. God has
specifically been sharing with me a lot about not judging others without even
knowing their situation or their story. What has led them to this point..? How
have they been abandoned/hurt/disappointed/judged/failed to get to this point..?
You can never see the whole person unless you can know their whole journey,
and for that to happen, you have got to get along side them and actually build
a true friendship. So before you make a snap judgment on the way someone
dresses, speaks, carries themself, provides for their family, or reacts to a
comment / criticism, remember: you have not walked in their shoes and
you will never know what they have suffered to become who they are.

Have grace.

Live Free // Go through your possessions and give the stuff you no longer need to your local charity shop. Furniture, gadgets, DVDs, and books; give those things you’re never going to use again #BeFree #LiveFree.

Hope your Lent efforts are still going strong!


Ronell x

"“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

{Wayne W. Dyer}

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