Monday, 31 December 2012

Dece Hats

Dece is a micro enterprise run by the Christian charity NetWorks, which has been working alongside the poor in western Romania for over 10 years. Dece clothing is life changing. Their products are handmade by Romanian women, who are living in truly difficult circumstances. With Dece they can now work from home, which enables them to make a living while taking care of their children.
The women employed by Dece are all living in difficult circumstances. Dece helps the mother of a big family to learn a trade which enables her to work from home. This means that she doesn't need any former education or experience. The mother can stay at home, washing and cooking and looking after her kids, whilst also earning money through Dece. Their wage can be the difference between having food, medicine and firewood for their families, or not.
Dece works in communities where many families are severely disadvantaged, trapped in a cycle of poverty generations old, with no foreseeable escape. By teaching women the skills needed to produce clothing they are giving them the opportunity to take charge of their future.
Not fair trade but fairly made
Dece is founded on ethical principles, but it is not a fair trade certified company for many reasons. Dece is based in Romania, which is not a third-world country, therefore the project cannot be classed as officially fair trade. We think in terms of individuals and opportunities rather than facts and figures. Dece has a hand in laying the foundations on which people can begin to build their lives.
NetWorks stands with the people
Dece is run by the Christian charity NetWorks which works with the poor on two levels, first tackling a family's most pressing problems, such as hunger and sickness, and then when the family is ready, supporting them in helping themselves. Aid never works long-term. Self-help projects are an investment in a family's future, supporting their independence, and thereby helping them to escape poverty.

Teaching families to help themselves is a vital key in helping people escape from poverty. Dece is not here to make a profit - their heart is to create more employment. The more products they sell in their online store, the more people they can directly employ. This is where they need your help. 
You can also become a distributor of DECE products wherever you live. Distributors will gain access to our bulk order rates and also be given the publicity and support needed to start to sell DECE products.
Ronell x

“While we do our good works let us not forget that the real solution lies in a world in which charity will have become unnecessary.” {Chinua Achebe}

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