Sunday, 13 January 2013

OATH against human trafficking

In honour of January being National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month in the US, I thought I would post about Oath Coalition. They are setting a challenge for those who are now aware of human trafficking to take an oath to make a difference.

Oklahomans Against Trafficking Humans (O.A.T.H.) was organised in 2008 by a small group of concerned citizens in Tulsa that had become aware of trafficking problems locally. The initial mission was to bring awareness about human trafficking and the activity of traffickers operating in Oklahoma and to create a victim-centered approach to advocacy.

Currently there are no paid staff positions. Everyone that works with OATH volunteers their time including the Executive Director. Full time volunteer and Intern positions are available.

The main problem that we all still face is ignorance. Most people believe that President Lincoln ended slavery. But the unfortunate fact is that slavery never ended, there are now more slaves in the world than ever before in history.

Most people believe that slavery and human trafficking only happens in foreign countries far away.  Fact is it also happens in developed European nations and in the US. Equally, most people believe that, if it happened in developed nations, that it only happens to illegal aliens or children that are abducted.  The fact is that it can happen to ANYONE! The majority of cases prosecuted in America, for example, are US citizens trafficked through the porn industry and by pimps prostituting women and children.

There is so much ignorance and miss-information about the facts of human trafficking and OATH spends much of their time and resources educating people about the reality that modern day slaves live among us and are being exploited in our own back yard!

OATH screens and shows films on trafficking and their volunteers host awareness events like 5K runs, fun walks, art exhibits, poetry slams, drama productions, live music benefits and we conduct professional trainings. OATH volunteers are willing to come (providing you are local) to your school, church, organization or place of business to present an Awareness 101 with videos. They provide public awareness and host a monthly meeting in cities across the state.

In short, OATH’s Mission Statement is to increase awareness of human trafficking, identify victims and work collaboratively with our partners to provide comprehensive services to identified victims in Oklahoma and throughout America! (and the world I hope!)

So make your OATH today!- it is a commitment to a promise that we can all make after understanding what human trafficking is and who it affects; A vow to self, to others and to the world that we will not rest until this injustice is made right; A pledge to do whatever it takes to end modern slavery in all of its evil forms; A passionate dream that every man, woman and child will live free to pursue their God-given purpose in life; A dedication to our commitment that will not easily be distracted by self-serving comfort or surrendered to opposition. An OATH is what it takes to see justice for all!

To help OATH make others aware: Follow them on Twitter, invite them to speak at your school, church, business or group and go here to volunteer.


Ronell x

Unfortunately, in today's world we have to be reminded that the power of an oath derives from the fact that in it we ask God to bear witness to the promises we make with the implicit expectation that He will hold us accountable for the manner in which we honor them.” {James L. Buckley}

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