Thursday, 31 January 2013

International Justice Mission Prayer Update

I received the following prayer update from the (US branch / UK branch), so my post today is a prayer request of IJM’s behalf. Please take the time to pray for/into the situations mentioned below:

Africa: Praise God that several cases of sexual violence against children ended last month, with several perpetrators convicted of sexual assault in Rwanda. Pray for these girls and boys and their families as they heal from the abuse and pray for the IJM social workers who are walking beside them. Though their road to recovery will be long, we thank God that this act of justice is now an important milestone in the lives of our clients.

Latin America: In Bolivia, Brianna’s* mother is suffering from serious health problems. (Brianna was previously raped by her landlord’s brother and gave birth to a daughter as a result. IJM has walked with her family for the past several years). Pray for wisdom and healing for Brianna’s mother, as the appropriate surgery may be quite risky. Please also pray for Brianna, who already carries a heavy load caring for her daughter, working and going to school.
Praise God for the fourteen churches in La Paz and El Alto, Bolivia, who are ‘doing justice’. Pray that God would continue to work within these churches to build the movement for justice against child sexual violence in Bolivia and that in this coming year new churches would grow a passion for justice.
South Asia: Pray as IJM searches for Chaitra*, a young girl who was trafficked for sex. Last year, the police called IJM for help with a rescue operation, but the place where she was believed to be trapped was empty upon arrival. IJM has been searching for Chaitra ever since. Please ask God to show us where Chaitra is hidden, so we can help bring her out of darkness and into light.
Praise God for a massive rescue operation last week in South Asia: 149 were rescued from a life of slavery in an abusive brick factory! Ask God to grant each person peace and renewal of spirit and body as they begin new lives in freedom. (Read more about this rescue operation).

Southeast Asia: Pray for a breakthrough in Thailand, where IJM is advocating for hundreds of people who qualify for legal status as Thai citizens. Without citizenship, stateless people are extremely vulnerable to violence and exploitation like trafficking. In a single district in Northern Thailand, IJM is advocating for 800 citizenship applications that were filed last year. Ask God to give IJM favour with the government officials who are in charge of processing these applications. And ask God to protect the 800 people who are waiting for their citizenship rights.

HQ and Partner Offices: Pray for IJM Canada as they launch a campaign aimed to petition the Canadian government to include a focus on apprehending and prosecuting Canadian traffickers and child sex tourists living abroad in the National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking.
Pray for the IJM staff speaking at the Freedom Summit on 25th – 26th January 2013, as they teach how to take practical action on behalf of those in modern-day slavery. Pray that the participants would be encouraged and equipped to promote justice for the oppressed.
Ronell x
“ ‘Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,’ declares the Lord.” {Jeremiah 1:8}

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