Monday, 5 August 2013

Donate Your Skills {Mandela Day} 10 / 67 ways to change the world

As promised on Mandela Day 2013 (19.07.13), this is the my series on their 67 suggested ways of changing the world. This one also comes under the category of 'Think of others':

10. Donate your skills!

Many of us take the skills we have for granted. For example, if you have a gift for film or photography and a friend needs help with a charity project/event or maybe even their wedding, but cannot afford a photographer/videographer, you could donate your skills/time to save them money and make the day a truly memorable one. Or maybe you are really good at cooking or gardening and you have an elderly or sick neighbour who needs someone to do their gardening/cook for them. You could donate your skills and help them out.

So take some time today to think about the skills that you have that you could 'donate' to a person or organisation to help them out- you'd be surprised at how talented/skilled you are! :)


Ronell x

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