Thursday, 1 August 2013

Get Creative {Mandela Day} 8 / 67 ways to change the world

As promised on Mandela Day 2013 (19.07.13), this is the my series on their 67 suggested ways of changing the world. This one also comes under the category of 'Think of others':

8. Get a group of people to each knit a square and make a blanket for someone in need.

A great way to join together to change the world is to get creative together for  a cause! The suggestion is to knit a square to make a patchwork blanket, but the possibilities are endless! You could make care packages, food baskets, etc to donate to shelters, charities or individuals who are in need. Taking on a project like this as a group/team really helps you to keep going with it and to see it through, even when you don't feel like it!

So organise a group and get creative to change the world!


Ronell x 

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