Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Go To The Park {Mandela Day} 24 / 67 ways to change the world

As promised on Mandela Day 2013 (19.07.13), this is part of my series on their 67 suggested ways of changing the world. This one comes under the category of 'Help Out for Good Health:

24. Take younger members of your family for a walk in the park.

If you do not have younger family members, you could always take a friend's children to the park- give the parents a well earned rest and have a treat and some time out of the house for the kids! Plus, it is actually really fun to baby sit other people's kids for an afternoon (especially when you don't have your own)- win/win situation :)


Ronell x
{photo credit: http://www.medicorium.com/}

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