Friday, 30 August 2013

CRC // Exerciseathon // ENDIT

I'm going to register for this event tomorrow! The CRC London exerciseathon on 14th September 2013 Are you in? It's to raise money for The A21 Campaign as part of the ENDIT movement which fights against human trafficking and modern day slavery. I would LOVE IT if you could do it with me! The poster below is for more than one event (including their prayerathon happening from 8th September), but I'm going for the exerciseathon on 14th September. It is for men, women and children over 12 and should be really good! We need to register asap and then start getting people to sponsor us/donate to the cause. 

If you don't fancy taking part, you could always sponsor me/donate online to The A21 Campaign Check out The A21 Campaign here: and ENDIT here:

Ronell x

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