Monday, 22 October 2012

21 Ways to get involved with the A21 Campaign (Suggestion 3 of 21): multiply your pennies & become a partner

Today’s suggestion (3 of 21) from the A21 Campaign to fight against modern day slavery and human trafficking: multiply your pennies & become a partner  (

So many of us look at our modern day conveniences and excesses as necessities. We are far too quick to say “I need this” or “I can’t live without that” or “My life isn’t complete if I don’t have it”, when in reality, most of those things are luxuries! I know that I am personally guilty of this! And if you really need something, or even just want it, you will make sacrifices and put money aside to get it because it is important to you. Well, today I want to challenge you to thinks about it in this way…

If I don’t get the latest iPhone or the newest fashion trend, my life won’t end… If I don’t get a bigger house or a better car, I won’t have to sell my child or myself into slavery to provide for my family… If I don’t buy that new lipstick or a new Xbox game, I won’t die from an easily preventable or curable disease… If I don’t get my weekly take away my family won’t face starvation… But if we don’t give to those in need, they will not have enough food to feed their families; they will likely have to sell their children or themselves into slavery just to put food on the table; they will likely die, or have to watch their children die from an easily preventable/curable disease.

So today, set yourself a challenge to give up a luxury to provide for someone else’s necessity: be a lifeline today!

My suggested charity is the A21 Campaign, but it is up to you to select a cause that is near to your heart. If you do choose the A21 Campaign, as well as giving donations, they also have an option to Become a Partner of their fight against modern day slavery and human trafficking (

What are you passionate about changing and who are you passionate to reach out to? Find that and give generously!


Ronell x

Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you.” {Deuteronomy 16:17}

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