Tuesday, 30 October 2012

21 Ways to get involved with the A21 Campaign (7/21): be a billboard!

Today’s suggestion (7 of 21) from the A21 Campaign to fight against modern day slavery and human trafficking: be a billboard!  

Not only can fashion express who you are, but it can also represent what you stand for! In the A21 Campaign’s online store, you can find fashionable attire and accessories to start conversations about human trafficking. Whether it’s a shirt or a wristband, wear it proudly and be ready to let others know why! (Warning: It’s a good idea to ‘get smart’ and read up on the A21 Campaign and what it represents before you become a billboard.)

I really think that wearing something that is thought provoking or a conversation starter is one of the best ways to get people interested, engaged and listening to what you have to say about the cause that you are fighting for. This is something that I try to do often. I do it for different causes, but my most recent purchase was one of the A21 Campaign’s ‘Key2Free’ key necklaces. It is a great conversation starter. The first day that I wore it to school, my little class of 4 and 5 year olds asked me why I was wearing it and what it meant. I was totally caught off guard, but it gave me an excellent opportunity to adapt what I know about the A21 Campaign and the work that they do to suit that particular audience!

Another reason that I really believe in physically being a billboard for a cause, is the fact that people are more interested in seeing what you do and measuring your actions than they are simply knowing what you believe in. Someone might understand and know that I am passionate about a cause like the A21 Campaign’s, but seeing me put my views ‘out there’ and actively taking a stand for what I believe… well, that is an entirely different story!

I want to challenge you to purchase something from he A21 Campaign’s online store and to wear it proudly as a sign of what you are fighting for and believe in. It both helps to raise awareness and contributes towards eliminating human trafficking. If you cannot afford to buy anything from the store, be creative and make your own clothing or accessories with keys on. It may not contribute to the cause financially, but it is still spreading awareness!


Ronell x

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”{Alexander Hamilton}

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