Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Literacy Site: Free Clicks to Promote Literacy for Children in Need!

Today's post also links back to my post from on Thursday about supporting underprivileged girls' futures ( ), this time focusing on helping to promote higher levels of literacy for children in need.
This is another site run by The GreaterGood Network. It is pretty much the same principle as The Hunger Site, The Breast Cancer Site, The Animal Rescue Site and The Child Health Site free clicks, except that it supports charities that provide free books and promote literacy for children in need. The Literacy Site is a charitable site that sells a whole host of items that donate to supporting these charities. It also has a lot of excellent information on different causes that need supporting and how we can help.
In 2011 alone, The Literacy Site funded 389,872 books for children in need directly through the 'free clicks' initiative. You can help with this for free too! This has got to be one of my favourite features of the site (which I use every day that I log onto the internet using my laptop): using the 'daily free clicks' to donate. Basically, you visit
and click on the 'Click Here to Give - it's FREE' button, which generates money for charity, paid for by site sponsors. When you click, these companies and groups actually pay for your click! That's 365 free chances each year to help! The Child Health site gives 100% of sponsor advertising fees to their charitable partners- so all of the money generated by your daily clicks will actually go to helping to provide books for children in need!
I have added a bookmark called 'click' to my bookmark bar at the top of my web browser to help me remember. Other suggestions would be to set The Child Health Site (
) as your home page, or to sign up for a free click reminder email (under the big 'Click Here to Give - it's FREE' button). You control how often you get a reminder! Bonus: if you are a new registrant to the GreaterGood Network (owners and operators of The Literacy Site), they will make an extra donation to the cause when you sign up.
The Literacy Site works in conjunction with many charitable partners. One of these is First Book ( They aim to give new books to children in need. They are determined to see that all children, regardless of their economic conditions, can achieve more in school and in life through access to an ongoing supply of new books. With the help of partners (such as The Literacy Site), volunteers and donations, First Book have provided more than 90 million new books to schools and programs serving children in need. Higher levels of literacy can help to break the poverty cycle that so many people are trapped in! You can help!
Thank you click sponsors!
Ronell x
"A wise man is full of strength, and a man of knowledge enhances his might" {Proverbs 24v5}
"Knowledge is power" {Francis Bacon}

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