Saturday, 20 October 2012

Jeannie Morgan (Soul Survivor): Emotional Healing

Today was Jeannie Morgan’s Emotional Healing event at re:generation church in Gidea Park ( @regen_church). It was fantastic! We saw a lot of people opening up and allowing God to deliver them from past hurts and emotional scars!

Jeannie Morgan, who works for Soul Survivor ( @SoulSurvivorGB), has a deeply moving testimony to share. She has experience profound healing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) throughout her journey with God, even before she knew or acknowledged who He was. Jeannie’s personal testimony is absolutely heart wrenching, but it is her absolute gift for enabling others to access the emotional and spiritual healing that God has for them, that stood out today.

I myself have experienced some difficult things that have scarred me emotionally and now heavily influence the way that I form relationships and relate to people and to God. Today was just utterly freeing to say the least! I was touched, not only by the emotional healing that happened in my own life, but by the changes and release that I saw in those around me (many of whom are my closest friends and also some family).

I was so inspired by her testimony, her spiritual gifting and her experience, that I decided to buy two of the books that she has written: Let the Healing Begin and Encounter the Holy Spirit. Below are descriptions and reviews of her work and these two books in particular.


Many of us have been hurt by events in our lives - hearts can be broken; feelings of guilt or shame can haunt us. The good news is that Jesus can give us now what we didn't have in the past, so that we can go on with Him in the future.
This book is a tool for you to use, to work through your pain over a period of time - doing the exercises, stopping and asking the holy spirit to come and minster to you - and make choices today that you didn't make in the past.
But healing isn't all about receiving. When the broken are made whole they can become channels of God's healing love for others.

“Jeannie lives with an inspiring confidence in the healing power of Jesus, and a huge passion to see broken lives restored in Him. This wonderful book will bring hope and help to many.” {Matt and Beth Redman}
I couldn't put this book down. Fresh, unusual and insightful ... it is worth every penny!” {Mary Pytches}
This is an extraordinary book. Full of great stories, helpful insights and biblical truth, it inspires you to believe that things can be different. Jeannie then lays out practical steps to take on the road to freedom. This book is born out of years of hard thinking, extensive reading but most importantly compassionate, dedicated praying with people.” {David Westlake}
“I highly recommend this book for anyone who is living through these things, or working with those who are, as a practical, insightful and personal journey.” {Roy Crowne}


Who is the Holy Spirit? How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? Can anyone speak in tongues? How do I know if I have a prophetic word? The Holy Spirit is unpredictable and exciting. Here are true stories, biblical accounts and simple, practical steps to getting filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit, using and developing His gifts. This ministry is for everyone. The Holy Spirit wants to use you!

“Perceptive, practical and powerful.” {Canon J.John}

“Sensible, biblical, warm and down to earth.” {Mike Pilavachi}

“I've learnt so much from Jeannie regarding ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit. This helpful book will equip anyone wanting to step out and learn more.” {Tim Hughes}


With a ministry spanning over 20 years, Jeannie is passionate about seeing people encounter the healing power of Jesus, so if your church is looking to put on a seminar about emotional healing, Jeannie Morgan is a brilliant choice!- I would highly recommend her!


Ronell x

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” {Matthew 11:28 }

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