Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Help The A21 Campaign: fast & pray on the 21st

One of the organizations whose work I feel extremely passionate about is The A21 Campaign, founded by Christine Caine, which fights for the rights and freedom of those entrapped by modern day slavery and human trafficking.

This evening I want to revisit a previous post of mine on 21 ways that we can help the A21 Campaign do the amazing work that they do. Suggestion number 12 is to fast and pray for the abolition of modern day slavery on the 21st of every month. Guess what, you’re in luck! Tomorrow is the 21st!

So I challenge you to sacrifice some food tomorrow. Whether it is giving up snacks, or one or two meals, or maybe only having liquids, I challenge you to make a sacrifice and spend some extra time praying specifically for the freedom of those trapped in human trafficking and modern day slavery!


Ronell x

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