Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Janitor and the CEO

I read the following on Facebook today and was challenged by it to re-evaluate my definition of success.
Ronell x
The Janitor and the CEO...
There once lived a janitor who worked for the same company for 40 years. He never rose above the position of janitor and never had anyone report to him. He never owned a home, never had an investment, never bought a new car. But he was a fine janitor.
Over these 40 years, from time to time, he would be asked: "How come you work so hard? You don't really have to put in all that extra effort." He would answer, "You don't understand. I'm doing this work for Jesus, and for Him it has got to be good. You see, He is my best friend. I love Him and owe Him my best because He gave His life for me."
Some of these people laughed and just walked on by. But others said: "Jesus? Your friend? How can Jesus be a friend? I don't know Him in that way."
The janitor would smile when this happened, and no one could miss the love in his eyes when he answered, "Well, let me tell you about me and Jesus." He was never too busy to share how the love of his Lord had touched his life.
In this same company there was another man who worked there for 40 years, starting his career at the same time as the janitor. He had attended an excellent university and had done well, working hard and making good grades. He joined the company as a salesman right out of college and quickly became the top salesman in his department. In record time he was promoted, becoming the youngest sales manager, regional manager, vice president of sales, and ultimately, the youngest CEO the company ever had. Under his leadership, the company grew and expanded? eventually becoming an international leader in its industry. He was a respected member of a good church. He and his family could regularly be seen on Sunday morning seated in the fourth row on the left side for the 11 A.M. service. But Sunday had little to do with Monday. He was so busy that God was crowded out of much of his life.
It happened that both men died on the same day. And as the Scripture promises (1Cor. 3), each man in turn went to stand before Jesus to give an account of what he had done with his life.
The CEO went first, as usual, and stepped before the Lord. Jesus put His hand on his shoulder and said to him, "My son, you have done well with your life. I gave you intelligence and opportunity. You worked hard and you took advantage of all that I set before you. You accomplished much. But, son, all that you built must remain behind. Your homes and cars, your company and clubs were good, but they are not a part of My Kingdom. The university that you loved and served refused to honor Me and it will burn up and be destroyed. Your money is not needed here. My son, you labored long and hard, but unwisely. You have gained the good, but missed the best."
The janitor stood humbly nearby, fearful and in awe. If a CEO could receive no commendation from the Lord, what could a mere janitor expect? His eyes were cast down and tears covered his cheeks when Jesus put His hands on the janitor's shoulders.
"Son, lift your eyes." The janitor looked into the face of the Lord he loved. "Turn around, and tell Me what you see." With the Lord's strong arm around his shoulders, the janitor turned. To his amazement, he saw crowds of jubilant people coming toward him. Their expressions reflected a pure love and joy that he had never seen. He turned to Jesus and said, "Lord, I recognize only a few. Who are the others?" Jesus said "Those you recognize are the ones you told of My love. The others are those they told. They are here now to thank you. Enter into the joy prepared for you from the foundations of the world." You see, both men had opportunities, just as you and I do. One built a fortune here, the other there. One fortune was temporary, the other, eternal. Both were the result of choices.
Which fortune are you pursuing?

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