Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sevenly: Autism Awareness Campaign

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Sevenly is kicking this week off by supporting families affected by autism.
Autistic children are still just that: children. They love to play and learn and explore, but their minds process the world, other people and their own emotions and senses a little differently. I teach a little boy with ASD and he is every bit as inquisitive, excitable and entertaining as all the other children in my class!- he is amazing, in fact! He has a fantastic support system between his family and the people that support them both in and out of school and I have witnessed first hand what a difference this level of support (time, financial and advice) can make to a child with autism and their family. With your help, Sevenly can provide the help necessary to make that a reality for these AUSOME individuals! You can shop for tshirts and hoodies online to support this cause. You can also go to their ‘Our Love Is Loud’ section to buy other items to support this cause.

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Ronell x

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