Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lemon-aid: Ending Child Slavery- One Bottle at a Time

I read this story on facebook tonight and was really challenged. So many of us complain about circumstances holding us back, but this little 9 year old abolitionist proves that if we just start where we are and do what we can do, we can make an actual tangible difference in the world. Hope you are challenged and inspired to do something incredible! Remember, it doesn’t happen over night, just take the baby steps and it will grow!


Ronell x

Ending Child Slavery — One Bottle at a Time

on may 5, 2012, i saw a picture of two enslaved boys with big rocks strapped across their heads. to feel better, they were holding hands. i never knew about slavery, but i knew it was wrong. i decided to make a stand for them.

my quote is: “compassion is not compassion without action.” so, i decided to make a stand and sell my lemon-aid every day rain or shine to help end child slavery. the world stood with me. (you can see my entire journey right here!) on day #173, i reached my goal. when i woke up the next day i wanted to do more. so, i am!

i decided to bottle up my organic, fair-trade, dee-licious lemon-aid and give net profits to end child slavery. when you enjoy this best-ever-made lemonade, you are helping us end child slavery in our lifetime —one bottle at a time.

thank you with my whole heart.

with love,

vivienne, 9

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