Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sevenly: Stand Up To Domestic Violence

Imagine a world without injustice. A place where peace and goodness thrive, and abuse and violence are just concepts from the past.

What if you could change the world, by simply changing what you buy? Well, you can! As world changers, it's our job to speak up for those who can't...

Each shirt you buy from Sevenly is a message of how you took a stand against domestic abuse, and brought healing to those affected.

Love has many looks... and bruises aren't one of them.

So show a survivor of domestic abuse what love looks like, by purchasing a shirt that supports their healing and restoration.

Coming from a home where I witnessed and suffered from domestic violence, I know the importance of showing support for a cause like this and for its victims. Also, for standing up to the perpetrators who are bullying and abusing their victims! So make a difference today!


Ronell x

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