Wednesday, 10 April 2013

TangoTab: When You Eat, They Eat.

TangoTab is a charity for the American readers. It combines eating out with feeding needy Americans. TangoTab feeds a person in need every time diners redeem an offer at participating restaurants. Hence the slogan: ‘When you eat, they eat.’

Most envision hunger as a problem that occurs only in the third world, yet a significant hunger battle is happening right in your community. A disturbing statistic (as cited by TangoTab) is that 1 in 6 North Americans will go to bed hungry tonight.

There is unfortunately no simple cure for hunger and this where TangoTab steps in.

You don’t have to change your daily routine. You don’t have to spend any additional money. TangoTab makes it free and easy to get great offers and feed those in need.  

So here are the 3 steps you need to take to get involved:
1.   Join. The Movement and become a soldier in the fight against hunger.
2.   Feed. Every time you dine at one of the participating restaurants, TangoTab feed a person in need (167,959 people fed to date).
3.   Inspire. Be a philanthropist for hunger.  Sign up today and share TangoTab with your Facebook  friends and Twitter  followers. You are the voice for the cause.

So sign up to TangoTab here to receive free restaurant deals (currently only for America). Search here for restaurant deals in your area.


Ronell x

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