Sunday, 14 April 2013

Always Be Generous

Following on from my post about finances and generosity yesterday, I read the following passage from the Bible In One Year program entitled ‘Always Be Generous’ by Nicky Gumbel from HTB. I thought I would share it on here.


Ronell x

Generosity is a beautiful characteristic in people.  We love and admire generosity.  My mother used to urge us as children: ‘Always be generous.’
How do we think of God?  Do we think of him as a little bit mean or tight-fisted?  Or do we think of him as extraordinarily generous? 
God’s generosity is seen in the natural world.  For example, there are 25,000 varieties of orchids.  The orchid is just one of 270,000 species of flowers.  God does not do things by halves.  In our galaxy there are 100,000 million stars, like our sun.  Our galaxy is one of 100,000 million galaxies.  In a throw-away line in Genesis, the writer tells us, ‘He also made the stars’ (Genesis 1:16).
God is extraordinarily generous.  He ‘gives generously to all’ (James 1:5).  If God is so generous to us we also should ‘always be generous’.
1.  Drink from his generous river of delights
2.  Receive a generous outpouring of his Holy Spirit
3.  Enjoy God’s generous provision

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