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Feed My Starving Children // A Hunger Free World

I am so personally taken with and inspired by 'Feed My Starving Children' that I have decided to post about them again! I have been searching through their site and found a letter from their Executive Director, Mark Crea, about insights into ending world hunger, which I thought I would share with you. Enjoy and be inspired!


Ronell x

Dear Friend of FMSC,
At Feed My Starving Children, we’ve challenged ourselves with a huge question:  If we eliminate malnutrition—completely—can families and whole communities become self-reliant? We think the answer is yes, and we’re proving it!
On the small island of Marinduque in the Philippines live 250,000 people—23,000 of them malnourished children. Efforts to solve this problem were disjoined: “The right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing,” says the governor of Marinduque.
So, FMSC joined with a major partner, Risen Savior Missions, to marshal forces with the local Catholic Church, the Philippine government, and two other private charities. We’ve formed a united force to defeat hunger once and for all on this island. And we call it theMarinduque Integrated Nutrition Education and Livelihood project (MARINEL).
Our three-year plan: get food to the most vulnerable; teach and train people in sustainable activities like sanitation, hygiene, and farming; and slowly exit as the community becomes self-sufficient.
So far, our partners have identified all vulnerable people on Marinduque—children, pregnant and lactating mothers, the elderly, and those ill with tuberculosis. In response, FMSC has ramped up the number of feeding locations on the island from 55 to 164!
While we’re feeding people, our partnering organizations are busy laying the groundwork for livelihood projects. In this bold public-private venture, food is the start. It’s leveraged for development and ends with self-reliance—all within three years. And when our work is done on Marinduque, we’ll use this successful model in other communities as we strive for a hunger-free world!
Working side-by-side with us to reach our goal is Marinduque’s Catholic Bishop, Rey Evangelista. He says, “Seeing these hungry children, your heart will melt and you will be invited to help. But without deep concern and love, we’re just making plans, and setting statistics. Without love, we will not be successful.”
Yes, in Christ’s name, we aim to change more than statistics. We want to change lives. And with our matchless food, God has given FMSC powerful influence for change.
We know you are deeply concerned for God’s most vulnerable. But you also want your investment to improve conditions long-term. You can do both on Marinduque. Please give to “zero-out” malnutrition—while empowering people to thrive on their own.
Praying for Marinduque,

Mark Crea, Executive Director
P.S. Did you know 30% of the children on Marinduque suffer from severe protein deficiency?  Help us answer this need—while perfecting a better model for every country we serve!
“Only 2% of charities we rate have received at least 8 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Feed My Starving Children outperforms most other charities in America,” said a letter from Ken Berger, Charity Navigator’s President & CEO in early November. “This ‘exceptional’ designation differentiates FMSC from its peers and demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust.“

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