Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sevenly // RE*Generation {Virgin}

This week the amazing Sevenly has partnered with Re*generation fighting against homelessness. The RE*Generation is Virgin Mobile’s cause marketing initiative to address youth homelessness. Their mission is to empower a generation to help its own by connecting individuals and organisations who want to improve the life of these young people. The issue caught their attention in 2006 as they were looking for a cause to align with and rally behind. It’s an overlooked problem in the US and the result of other societal problems like poverty, drug abuse, mental illness, domestic violence and homophobia. Foster children who “age” out of the system often become homeless and make up a growing number of the homeless youth population. 

When you see a young homeless person, what goes through your mind? Is there judgment? Do you stereotype this person as a drug addict or a jobless loser? Contrary to stereotypical perception, many of these people do not live on the street because they are rebellious youth but rather due to circumstances beyond their control- circumstances that force them to seek refuge on the streets. Girls that are being sexually molested by their fathers, boys who are being physically abused by their supposed loved ones run away and are left on the streets because of the harsh card life has dealt them.

This week, Sevenly have partnered with RE*Generation and Virgin Mobile USA to provide a living facility that will give homeless youth the tools to build a better future. In this home, they will receive a plethora of valuable resources including: education counseling, vocational training, job placement and employment counseling, information resource and referral, community service, and follow up care. These homeless youth deserve a chance at a better life!

So change a life by and spread the word with a tshirt or jumper (and many more items!) from Sevenly!


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