Friday, 20 September 2013

Volunteer at a School {Mandela Day} 31 / 67 ways to change the world

As promised on Mandela Day 2013 (19.07.13), this is part of my series on their 67 suggested ways of changing the world. This one comes under the category of 'Become an Educator':

31. Offer to help out at your local school.

I am a teacher and I know how desperately schools need volunteers, so this one is close to my heart! If you have any spare time at all that you could give to investing in the future of this country (its children), please do so! Even if it is one or two hours a week- teachers always need help hearing readers or putting up displays or (my least favourite) filing/sticking in kids' work! By taking pressure off teachers in these areas, you are freeing them up to become better and more efficient educators, so please do what you can!

Read Why Should I Volunteer in Schools? on for more information.


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