Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lisa Kristine // Humanitarian & Fine Arts Photographer & Anti-Slavery Activist

A friend of mine who shares my passions for photography and putting an end to injustice (modern day slavery in particular) introduced me to the incredible work of Lisa Kristine and I'm blown away!

Lisa Kristine is a San Francisco based photographer specializing in indigenous peoples worldwide. Through her work, Lisa wishes to encourage a dialogue about the beauty, diversity and hardship of our inter-locking world. The more meaning born in the images, the deeper that dialogue may be. Lisa Kristine aims to enhance her viewer’s awareness and engage them in a visual journey that is also a questioning of our existence. She wants to welcome them into the exploration of our mysterious existence with a spirit of importance, astonishment and hope.

For more than twenty-five years, Lisa Kristine has explored the globe, looking for the peoples, cultures and places that time forgot, creating indelible and unforgettable images. She brings the distant and the ancient and the rare into clearer focus. Best known for her evocative and saturated use of color, her fine art prints are among the most sought after and collected in her field. Lisa’s work has been auctioned by Christie’s New York for the United Nations with Kofi Annan; she works with foundations , educational venues and museums.

Not only is she an absolutely incredible photographer, but an amazing anti-slavery activist. You can see/buy her work on her website: http://www.lisakristine.com/ , which directly contributes to the causes she supports. You can also buy her books, DVDs, posters, etc in her online store: http://www.lisakristine.com/lisa-kristine-store/ 

Also, check out what other organisations like TED, Reuters and The Huffington Post have to say about her in these videos: http://www.lisakristine.com/press-and-media-video-archives/

Cosette Thompson of Amnesty International said of Lisa Kristine: "Few artists know how to capture the diversity and dignity of indigenous people. Lisa Kristine's portraits exquisitely convey their silenced messages."

Lisa is an amazing example of using your talents to end modern day slavery in the 21st century! And I pose to you the same question that was posted earlier this evening by @freedomforother on twitter: 

"Start where you are Use what you have Do what you can What can you do with what you have in your location to end ?"

So I challenge you to start where you are and use what you have to fight against modern day slavery in the 21st century!


Ronell x

{photo credit: http://www.lisakristine.com/portfolio/freedom-ghana/ }

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