Thursday, 28 February 2013

Oxfam: Beautiful Rice

Oxfam has a Beautiful Rice initiative to help rice farmers in Liberia to feed their families.

Rice has changed everything for Susana and her family - that's why she calls it "beautiful". You can watch Susana’s story here. Over the next year, Oxfam will be working with even more people in Liberia like Susana.

Oxfam urgently needs funds to open up their life-changing swamp farming project to 700 of Liberia's poorest families. 
As well as helping them to grow enough rice to beat hunger, your support will help these farmers to grow extra to sell, too. And that means 5,000 local people will be able to buy food at an affordable price. Watch Susana's story to see what a difference you can make.
Donate online to this cause:
£25 can buy enough seeds to help five families boost their rice harvests. New rice seeds provided by Oxfam mean that farmers like Beatrice Quayee can grow more rice. Thanks to the new seeds, she has doubled her family's rice harvest. A gift from you will help other determined, hard-working people to do the same.
£35 can train five farmers to grow enough rice to feed their families. With your help, we will train farmers like Garrison Seoh in new farming techniques, water management and pest control. Your generosity means people like Garrison will be able to feed their families long-term and earn a better income to pay for school fees and other essentials.
£113 could irrigate a swamp farm so rice crops thrive in all conditions. Unpredictable weather makes it difficult to grow rice in Liberia. Before Oxfam helped communities here to set up swamp farms, rice plants used to burn in the sun. Your donation will provide canals and dams to irrigate nearly an acre of land - helping families to control water and protect the crops growing on their farms.


Ronell x

Rice feeds the body, books feed the mind, beauty feeds the soul” {Imelda Marcos}

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