Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sevenly: Seven Days of Change

Imagine a Reality TV show that follows the weekly challenges of Sevenly, a 30 person, for-profit company in Orange County, California, that runs a different campaign every week to raise funding and awareness for charities that are changing the world. Well, Sevenly is now aiming even bigger than before and attempting to reach even further to make a positive impact on the world. They are in fact planning to expand into the realm of reality TV and to create a show unlike any other show out there! They believe that TV can change lives and are currently raising money to create a pilot to pitch to the big networks.
The show will be called "7 Days of Change". The concept is to get inside the lives of people living through the world’s hardest issues; witness the Sevenly team implement a life-changing solution in seven days—what normally might take months to accomplish. Rally behind charities as they passionately come beside everyday heroes who are struggling and pressing forward, failing and succeeding, and celebrating – as they fight, for Seven Days of Change.

The show will focus on the challenges facing the Sevenly team, the charitable organization being featured, and individuals affected by the cause. By weaving these three stories together, the show will invite the audience to participate in an inspirational series of hope, activism, and change. 
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6 Example Episodes:
1.   Get inside the homes of severe Autism and help strengthen the families at their breaking point.
2.   Raiding brothels in Cambodia and the construction of a new Safe House.
3.   Enter the hardships of Child Cancer & share the burden of extreme medical bills.
4.   Uncovering the Domestic Sex Trade and bringing restoration to its victims
5.   Breaking the chains of Domestic Violence & building Freedom Homes for the rescued.
6.   Provide life-saving surgeries for the outcast communities of Haiti.

Watch the trailer here or contribute financially online (and receive a perk!) to support Sevenly’s latest venture to change the world!


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