Monday, 25 February 2013

Take Time to Listen

I have been researching a lot about how to make a difference locally and how to be effective. So straight away you think about giving money, or spreading the word about a cause, or setting up a fundraising campaign, but often, we are not so quick to give our time. I was reading this post by Joyce Meyer today and was really challenged by it. She demonstrate how, often, people are grateful for financial and practical help, but often, the thing they crave the most is your time and attention: feeling valued.

Understand [this], my beloved brethren. Let every man be quick to hear…slow to speak… —James 1:19
A friend of mine lives in a large city where homelessness is a huge problem. One winter night she was coming home from work and walked by a man asking for money. It was cold and dark, and she was anxious to get home.  Not wanting to pull out her wallet in a less than safe situation, she reached deep into her purse fishing for change.  As her fingers searched in vain, the man started telling her that his coat had been stolen in the homeless shelter where he’d stayed the night before. Still trying to come up with a couple of quarters, she nodded and said, “That’s too bad”.  When she finally found the money, she dropped it into the man’s cup.  He smiled and said, “Thank you for talking with me.”  My friend realized what meant the most to that man was the fact that someone had heard him and responded.
We have a team of people from our ministry who try to help people living in the tunnels under the downtown bridge.  They have found that each of these people has a story.  Something tragic happened to them that resulted in their present circumstance.  They appreciate the sandwiches and clean clothes, but mostly they appreciate someone caring enough to actually talk with them long enough to learn about them. 
Let me encourage you to take time to listen.
Love Others Today: Do you know someone who simply needs a person to talk to? Be the one who will listen.
{From the book Love Out Loud by Joyce Meyer.}


Ronell x

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