Monday, 18 February 2013

Keep Your Promises

by Joyce Meyer - posted February 17, 2013

Let your Yes be simply Yes, and your No be simply No... —Matthew 5:37
In 1867, a little girl named Marie was born in Poland to a pianist and a professor. Early in life, the child demonstrated an interest in education and a remarkable ability to learn.
After she excelled all the way through secondary school, she wanted to continue her education, but her father could not afford to do so because he lost much of his money in an unwise investment.  With her dreams for further study crushed, Marie took a job as a teacher and soon thereafter, as a governess.
Marie and her sister, Bronia, decided to help each other. Marie agreed to finance Bronia’s continuing education with her earnings from her governess job. When Bronia completed her studies, she would pay for Marie to attend university. Both sisters kept their word to each other.
In 1891, Marie began her studies at the world-famous Sorbonne in France. She lived in a tiny, cramped dormitory and survived primarily on bread, butter and tea. She married a physics professor in 1895 and the two of them dedicated their lives to science. She was Marie Curie. In 1911, she won a Nobel Prize for chemistry.
Marie Curie could never have made her groundbreaking contributions to the human race without the promise she and her sister made to each other. Because both of them kept their word, they were each able to fulfill their dreams. 
Love Others Today: When you make a promise to someone, keep it. God always keeps His word and we should keep ours.
{From the book Love Out Loud by Joyce Meyer.}

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