Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cool People Care

Back in 2006 B.T. (before Twitter), the founders of Cool People Care had an idea: finding a way to easily connect people who want to do good with nonprofit organisations and community ideas that are changing the world. From there, they began the process of launching a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping people find meaning, do good, and save their small corner of the world.
For the last six years, Cool People Care have been sharing at least one idea each weekday about how you can make a difference in your local community, online, or in the world at large. They also help causes and charities raise money with their line of inspirational and socially-responsible T-shirts and posters.
Cool People Care aim to be the first place people go when they're ready to have an impact on the world. From stuff you can do at home to ways you can save the world with a group of friends, from cool T-shirts to online activism, they've got you covered. Basically, Cool People Care is aiming to be THE online destination for anyone who wants to make a difference.

In order to do that, they launched our website, in 2006. Since then, they've been sharing one small and meaningful way to make a difference each weekday. And, so that they can help people connect even more deeply with causes that matter, they offer a complete line of eco-friendly and inspirational merchandise. In their online store, you can find organic T-shirts and awesome posters. Each is designed to look great so you'll wear and display it. And, when you buy it, money will be sent to an organisation or cause that is making a difference in some way.
In order to do that, Cool People Care has established The Cool Fund in 2012. When a certain item in the online store (like a shirt, poster, or book) does not have an earmarked organisation or initiative, Cool People Care will donate a certain amount per item to The Cool Fund. You can find out how much they donate per item in plain English on individual product pages.
The Cool Fund is a special account at Cool People Care that is used to spur community innovation all across the world. Money from this fund is spent on an as-needed basis, most often to spread new, proven ideas in the nonprofit sector. It can also be used to launch new programs, particularly those related to social entrepreneurship.
To learn more about The Cool Fund - or to discuss ways Cool People Care can help you launch new ideas that save the world - contact Sam Davidson, President of Cool People Care.

So basically, Cool People Care are committed to helping you care, whether you're reading something online, or shopping for a new shirt. So browse around their store. Sign up for our daily emails. Tell your friends about them. 
Their bottom line? Just remember - it's cool to care.

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