Thursday, 9 May 2013

A21Campaign Intern/Abolitionist: Charity

The A21 Campaign fights for the rights and freedom of those enslaved in human trafficking and modern day slavery. In order to do this, they need a lot of support. One such supporter is an A21 Intern named charity. See below to find out more about her story and to be encouraged and inspired that YOU can make a difference, even when it seems like you can’t!


Ronell x

At The A21 Campaign, we can’t get enough of our amazing student interns.

Meet the beautiful and incredible Charity from our Southern California office. Her life is true to her name—she is completely giving and sensitive to the needs of others. Charity is an abolitionist whether she’s volunteering at A21 or walking around her college campus. We are thrilled to introduce you to her.

Favorite eats:

I love avocados. And Mexican food from Café Rio.

Movie night pick:

Without a doubt, The Notebook.


I’m a senior at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA.

Place you can’t wait to visit:

Greece is next on my list.

Hidden talents:

Singing—but I’m way too shy to sing in public.

Sports team of choice:

Anaheim Angels.

All-time Hero:

My mom.

Life motto:

You never know what tomorrow may bring, so live each day to its fullest capacity.

What you like to do when you’re not interning at A21:

I love playing volleyball, going to the beach, hanging out with family and friends, and baking desserts. I’m also a leader for an anti-human trafficking club at my university called Live to Free.

How you heard about human trafficking:

Last year I was at a conference where a spokesperson shared facts about human trafficking and I was shocked. I had never heard about it before, and questions ran through my mind. What are the statistics? Where is human trafficking taking place? What organizations are involved in abolishing modern-day slavery? What can I do to help? That’s when I discovered A21.

Daily internship duties:

I work underneath the A21 social justice coordinator and speak at local universities. Currently, I’m co-creating six lessons that will help equip students to make a difference in their schools. I volunteer at the A21 booth for different awareness events and I have the privilege of corresponding with fellow student abolitionists about what they can do to help end human trafficking.

Why you love working with students:

Being a student myself, I understand the capacity we have to make a difference in this world because we are the next generation. If students can become passionate about ending human trafficking, we CAN abolish this injustice in the 21 st century.

What do you tell students who want to get involved:

I never give one answer. It always depends on where they are in life and what they can do with their time and their talents. I tell students, “There are so many possibilities—pray, start a club on your campus, host a movie night, run a marathon, intern, donate, do what you love. Just know that every ONE can do something.”

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