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Everyone Matters > Orphan Drop Box in South Korea

READ THIS AMAZING STORY (from Everyone Matters), then watch the video! I was so moved an inspired by it! Being a voice for and saving helpless children is so heavily on my heart and this man shows you how the decision simply rests on your commitment to the cause. So go, look for the need in your community, or a community elsewhere and use what you have to do what you can. You never know the impact your decision and commitment could have on the lives and futures of others! I hope this moves and inspires you like it has me ( please watch the video/trailer of the documentary that is being made about this incredible man)!


Ronell x

South Korean Pastor Lee Jong-rak installed a "DROP-BOX" in the wall of his house so that South Korean women could anonymously leave their disabled or unwanted baby rather than abandoning or disposing of them.

More than 300 babies have been placed in the Drop Box, which is heated, has a towel to place the baby on, and a light. When a baby is placed there, a bell rings, and the Pastor or assistant retrieves the baby.

"I would die for those babies," says the Good Samaritan Pastor, who reads a typical note: "His skull is not shaped right," writes a mother, anonymously, which she leaves with the baby. "He has this handicap. I am so sorry, but I am not able to raise this baby, so I put him safely in the baby box of Jesus-Loving Union Church.'"

Filmmaker Brian Ivie was so moved by a news report, that he proceeded to make a documentary, The Drop Box. He raised $20,000 on Kickstarter, and, based on the awards the documentary has already won, is hoping for a big-screen release by a major company.

Bravo to Brian - and especially to the Pastor- who know that Everyone Matters.

Watch the EXCEPTIONAL trailer:

And here's Brian Ivie's Facebook page, for Drop-Box:

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