Saturday, 18 May 2013

Free Clicks to Change the World!

I have previously posted about The Greater Good Network's 'Free Clicks' scheme, but they have recently given their website a facelift and added to their 'Free Clicks'.

On the main website, there are 9 tabs for 9 different causes that you can click on to make a free contribution to the 9 causes! Click on as many of the tabs as you are willing/able to and then click on the 'Free Click' buttons on each page, e.g. the hunger site tab (see below).

Basically, the corporate sponsors match the amounts of 'Free Clicks' made by the public by giving to the following projects:

Currently, this is what your free click will provide:
GreaterGood tab: providing pets (shelter dogs) for vets (war veterans)
Hunger tab: funding cups of food and clean water
Breast Cancer tab: funding mammograms for women in need
Animals tab: helping rescued animals 
Veterans tab: supporting hungry and homeless veterans to get back on their feet
Autism tab: providing therapy for children on the autism spectrum
Diabetes tab: funding research and development
Literacy tab: giving books to children
Rainforest tab: saving habitats

Please help to support this initiative! It literally costs you nothing, but a few minutes of your time to make a huge difference to the world and the lives of others around you. Please take the time to donate your free clicks!

You can also donate directly through the website:


Ronell x

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