Friday, 17 May 2013

Made in a Free World

Today's post is about a venture called 'Made in a Free World' spearheaded by a team of 7 people (as far as I can see), which is set to launch it's first on the ground project in 5 days. They describe their inspiration and vision for the project below:

"We are inspired by a world in which all women, children, and men are free. Made In A Free World is building a coalition of consumers, businesses, and governments to disrupt the system of slavery. We produce innovative campaigns, front line projects, consumer engagement tools, and marketable business solutions to get slavery out of our system. Let's help make sure everything and everyone is Made In A Free World."

Made In A Free World is building a business community where success is not measured simply by compliance, but rather by engagement. They are encouraging businesses to measure their success differently- looking at social impacts and the direct link to modern day slavery.

They also set out to help consumers to understand the problem (modern day slavery) and how they can be a solution by limiting their participation in modern slavery directly. How can you do this? Well the first step is to go to find out how many slaves work for you (YES, YOU!) by going to - an organisation which is building a global community of people demanding products made without slavery. Every consumer’s voice is vital. Join the millions who have discovered their personal connection to slavery and take action now.

Made in a Free World have also launched their first ground project- Made in a Free World: Ghana, partnering with Challenging Heights - where Ghanian children will be freed from slavery and set on the path to freedom! 5 children=40 days to change their lives. To find out more about the slavery brought on by foreign market trade through Ghana, click here. To help make this possible, donate to this cause.

Watch more videos about the incredible work that Made in a Free World are doing and the causes they are highlighting. 

This is definitely a world changing organisation to watch! Read more about this organisation and find out just how you can support them on this journey that they have embarked on!


Ronell x

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