Monday, 13 May 2013

The Kodaly Method

Today, I went on an excellent and inspirational course by Len Tyler about Zoltan Kodaly's Kodaly method- teaching music for life. Now usually, you could not pay me to get up at 7am on a Sunday, but I promise- this was worth it! 

Len taught me several important lessons about the importance of music and passing on the knowledge and love of it, but above all else, I was inspired by him: his passion and total abandon to music and how desperately he wanted to share that! 

To find out more about the Kodaly method, go to: 

To find out more about Len's Kodaly music school, go to: 

On his website, Len also has a section where you can download free Kodaly music resources. On his site, he simply asks for a donation (if you are willing/able to give one) to the 'Kodaly in Kenya' project which he is helping to fund. To download free resources, or to give to 'Kodaly in Kenya', go to:

The challenge for all of us: be like Len!- be passionate, inspire a generation and give for the cause that you believe in, even if it is a costly project, or one that seems impossible!


Ronell x

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