Wednesday, 29 May 2013

{OneL!fe} // Pete Wynter

Tonight, Pete Wynter (a founder of {OneL!fe}) came to speak at re:generation church's Life Skills about his work at {OneL!fe} and about the value and principles behind mentoring. I was fully inspired by his talk and really appreciated the input. I have been in mentoring myself for close to 2 years now and I have been a mentor for over a year. I remember the serious feelings of inadequacy when I was approached about mentoring, but God fully worked it for my good (and fortunately the good of my mentees!). Pete's passion really encouraged me to keep going and to push on with mentoring, even when I feel particularly inept! 

Below is some more information about {OneL!fe} and about Pete's story:

How do we do this? We tour the UK running Conferences for young people to explore and grow in their leadership; Learning Communities for those who want to go deeper in their discipleship as a leader and Learning Communities for Youth Leaders to evaluate, sharpen and review strategies for their own youth ministries... and lots more!

Who can get involved? Onelife works mainly with 14 to 21 year olds, and with their youth leaders. We want to establish a family of godly leaders, earthed in local churches, who will be defined by biblical principals, deep character and the presence of God in all they do.

Every year {OneL!fe} takes on a fundraising event called 'The Challenge'. This year, The Challenge was for young people all over the UK to do a sponsored run, bike ride or walk for Onelife so that together we could cover the distance of the entire way around the UK - 4,500 km! 

Support Pete as he does a 28km bike ride (with 6 others) on July 1st from where he lives in Chorleywood to the Ugandan embassy in London. Donate here.


Ronell x

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