Sunday, 18 November 2012

21 Ways to get involved with the A21 Campaign (18/21): walk in her shoes

It’s been said that you never know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. Whether it’s literally walking a mile in high heels, or doing something a bit different such as rowing across an ocean, climbing a mountain, cycling across the country, or simply organizing a run for awareness, we want to encourage you that your sweat can make a difference to help stomp out human trafficking! Read some of the amazing stories here.

Last year, a group of women did a Row for freedom across the Atlantic to raise awareness for the A21 Campaign and human trafficking in general. Check out their site to discover their incredible story: This was the testimony that I heard at Soul Survivor Week C in the summer, which inspired me to get involved with fighting for the rights of others.

I am determined to make a difference to this cause in particular and have been searching for inspiration to do so. Sharmila (a friend from church) also feels this distinct call on her heart and she approached me a while back about a potential idea of using running to raise awareness (those who know me well know I HATE running!). Recently, God just really brought that idea to my remembrance and I suddenly caught the vision! (more details to follow when we have them!)

I read a passage in Hebrews 12 (verses 1-13) about suffering, becoming stronger through it and picking yourself up (by the grace of God) to carry on when you no longer feel like you can. I found this passage really encouraging. I also received an email/daily devotional from HTB/Nicky Gumbel that very day about Running a Marathon, which is along similar lines (an inspirational read!).

So I encourage you, whoever you are and wherever you are, find something that you can use to raise both awareness and funds for a worthy cause and count it an honour to temporarily suffer for the benefit of those who suffer tremendously more than we could ever imagine!


Ronell x

Nothing great was ever done without much enduring” {St Catherine of Siena}

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