Wednesday, 7 November 2012

UNICEF’s Day For Change 2012

UNICEF protects children’s rights. The five rights that UNICEF fights to uphold and promote are:
1.   The right to be heard
2.   The right to a childhood
3.   The right to fairness
4.   The right to education
5.   The right to health

This is your chance to get involved with this fantastic organisation and set aside a day dedicated to change. This campaign in particular is aimed at schools to promote awareness amongst children of rights that they may not be accessing and also of the millions of children around the world who have access to few, if any, of these rights.

Every year, UNICEF chooses a project: a different country and a different theme. This year, your school can help to change the lives of children Uganda by funding Sports for Development programmes.
UNICEF believes that sport can be used to engage children, developing their confidence, talent, skills and sense of teamwork. It is essential for their physical, mental and social development. But lots of children, especially girls, are being denied their right to an education. In Uganda, UNICEF is helping children realise their rights through sport.
Denying children's rights is wrong. Help us to put it right.

To register to take part in a Day for Change in 2012, go to: . If you are unable to get involved with Day for Change 2012, start planning now for a Day for Change in 2013!

To watch/share a video about UNICEF’s Day for Change, go to:

Register now for a free resources kit! Every school that registers receives a free resource kit packed with fundraising ideas, assembly and lesson plans, real life stories, stickers, posters and much more to make their Day for Change a success. Schools can also download additional resources or print out extra copies on our Day for Change 2011 resources page.
If you do not work in a school, you can still help to make a difference!
-       If you have children, nieces, nephews or friends whose children go to school, pass this on to them to suggest to their school.
-       Pass this on to your friends who may work in schools.
-       Pass this on to schools in your local area.
-       Organise your friends and family to fundraise for UNICEF, or do your own, unofficial Day for Change and donate the proceeds directly to UNICEF!


Ronell x

“Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being.” {Khalil Gibran}

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