Saturday, 17 November 2012

21 Ways to get involved with the A21 Campaign (17/21): link locally!

It is all very well trying to champion a cause by yourself, but it is so much more effective when you can team up with others who are passionate about the same thing as you are!

Find out who’s in your area and link up with them! That’s right, there are other people in your area who share your passion in abolishing slavery. Whether it’s a local task force, or a student group that is hosting an event, join them and stand together in the fight for freedom. A good way to start doing this is by searching through facebook or twitter (i.e. check who likes/follows the A21 Campaign).

If you are in America, there is an Abolition Summit 2013 being held from 2nd-4th January 2013. Check out the video for more details: 

Another example of how to link locally is to put on your own events. On the 30th November there is a ladies movie night in Harlow (UK) to watch Nefarious (a film/documentary highlighting the seriousness of human trafficking). A friend of mine sent me the following message with details of the event:

Hi Ladies,

We are very excited about our upcoming ladies movie event about billions of women being traffick into prostitution all over the world. We seriously need to make a stand to this! This is guaranteed to be a impacting evening, so please try and get ALL your lady friends their as they will be touched and transformed. Can you please send through your confirmations from this week Thursday. Also specify which option each lady will be taking.

There are 3 options:

Option A: 
£3 - Entrance to the venue near you; view a life-changing movie, plus free snacks and drink, great fellowship…and loads of inspiration!

Option B: 
£8 - The above, plus sponsor a much-needed hamper for the woman in need rescued by the A21 Campaign. Your hamper will include items like Jeans, hats, scarfs, etc. We will take care of the packing and posting.

Option C: 
£10 - The same as above two options,plus an additional £2 financial contribution to the A21 Campaign.

Date: Friday - 30th of Nov ,
Time: 7pm till 10pm 

Venue: Harlow - ParkInn Hotel, Southern way 
Harlow - CM18 7BA 

Place your booking in with me: 

Please if you need transport we will make a plan!

Thanks guys,


So ladies, if you are available on Friday 30th November and able to get to Harlow, please contact Talita on the details above. Invite your friends along! Gentlemen, please pass this on the ladies in your lives.

However you decide to link locally, nationally or internationally, remember: there is strength in numbers! So spread the word and find out how you can link up with others fighting for the same cause!


Ronell x

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” {Martin Luther King, Jr.}

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