Friday, 26 July 2013

Help at Animal Shelters {Mandela Day} 4 / 67 ways to change the world

This one also comes under the category of 'Think of others':

4. Help out at the local animal shelter. Dogs and cats without homes still need a walk and a bit of love! 

I have a cat and a dog and I love them to pieces! I cannot even begin to imagine them being out on the street, unfed, cold, alone and unloved! They have been spoiled in my house for 11 years (Mia, moggy cat) and almost 8 years (Lugie, sausage dog) and I struggle to imagine life without them (and sometimes to remember that they are not in fact people...). 
Think of all those cats and dogs who have been abandoned by their owners (often after many years) or abused and left to die who have now found themselves (thankfully!) rescued... but unfortunately it is still not like having a 'home'.

Help to make an animal shelter their home by caring for and loving on some abandoned and rescued cats and dogs today! Or, even better, adopt one (or more!) and give them an actual home!


Ronell x
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