Friday, 26 July 2013

The A21 Campaign // Hombreros

Hombreros is more than a group of guys that are selling caps. They are a brotherhood that is dedicated to honor, respect, and justice.
This brotherhood began as a group of young men who recognized the injustice in the world and knew that they needed to do something about it.
Injustice in the world can be overwhelming, paralyzing, and discouraging. This did not stop them from doing something. 
As said by Andreas, Hombreros founder, “Even though we know that we can’t do everything, we can do something and every kind act we do will inspire others around us to do the same”.
They set out to design a baseball cap that would be appealing to men around the world who wanted to fight for justice as well. Hombreros is now selling these caps and contributing all profits to The A21 Campaign.
More than simply raising money, Hombreros is trying to create awareness among men about the reality of human trafficking all around the world. Their desire is to inspire other to start their own journey towards bringing freedom and justice.
Hombreros is not for any specific style or type of guy, but for all men who desire to make a difference. Men all around are fighting for freedom as they wear these hats with respect and honor. 
Want to buy a cap? Click here

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