Friday, 26 July 2013

You Can Literally Save a Life On The Bus

You could literally save a life on the bus, or a train, plane, etc... you just have to be willing to be available and approachable rather than hiding away behind your book, your newspaper, your magazine, your music or your phone! I am SUCH a big culprit of this!!! I always avoid eye contact and just try to get on with my own thing, but God has really challenged me on this point and today I read an amazing post by Walk Free that just confirmed the value of being available and approachable on the bus (or wherever else)! Here is the post below:

While most people avoid eye contact on the bus, one woman's conversation with a fellow passenger led to the arrest of a Saudi Arabian princess now facing charges of human trafficking.

Believing she was a victim of modern slavery, "Jane Doe" hailed a bus when she fled the home where her employer held her passport to prevent her escape. An everyday hero - a fellow passenger - listened to Jane's story and helped her contact the police. 

Would you do be ready to help if a victim of modern slavery was right in front of you? 

SHARE to raise awareness that we can all play a part in helping to end modern slavery - one case at a time.


So make a difference! Be available; be approachable; don't avoid eye contact! You might be someone's only hope and the only one who could save them from a life of unimaginable anguish!


Ronell x

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