Friday, 19 July 2013

Mandela Day: Take Action; Inspire Change; Make Every Day a Mandela Day

Today has been declared Mandela Day in honour of Nelson Mandela, former South African President, who has spent most of his life as an activist fighting for freedom.

You might ask, "What can I do onMandela Day?". Well, there are some good suggestions including: 67 ideas to change the world (I will cover these as a series next) and a host of informing and inspiring videos.

They say about Mandela Day: 

"The overarching objective of Mandela Day is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good. Ultimately it seeks to empower communities everywhere. “Take Action; Inspire Change; Make Every Day a Mandela Day.”
Individuals and organisations are free to participate in Mandela Day as they wish. We do however urge everyone to adhere to the ethical framework of “service to one’s fellow human”."

Stand together and fight for freedom! Make every day a 'Mandela Day'!


Ronell x

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