Saturday, 6 July 2013

Run 3K for Freedom TODAY!

Morning all! It's a gorgeous day today and we're in the final stages of setting up and propping for the Run3KforFreedom event ( ) that my friend Sharmila has organised!

Run3KforFreedom is a 3km run (or you can jog or walk) to raise awareness and money for the work of The A21 Campaign's incredible fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery ( )! There are more slaves today than there have ever been (and some of them are right around the corner from where we live!), so we are very proud to be able to work with them to put an end to modern day slavery and human trafficking in the 21st century!

You can join us this afternoon either in Page's wood to run/jog/walk, or to spectate/support. There will also be cakes and A21 Campaign materials on sale:

Or you can show your support for our runners and this incredibly important cause by sponsoring us online:  - All proceeds will go to The A21 Campaign, which is tirelessly fighting for the freedom of those trapped in modern day slavery!


Ronell x

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