Thursday, 25 July 2013

Fill Pot Holes {Mandela Day} 3 / 67 ways to change the world

This one also comes under the category of 'Think of others':

3. Volunteer to help fix the potholes in your street or neighbourhood.

It is amazing how much we all (myself included) complain about the number of potholes there are, but when we honestly consider how fortunate we are or how able we are to change this, we should rather stop complaining and start making a change! If you are not able/allowed to physically help to fix potholes, donate money to help it get done. You could even club together as a neighbourhood and raise money for particularly bad sections of road in your town. It doesn't (and shouldn't) stop there though! Remember countries and communities filled with less fortunate people, and maybe even fundraise or volunteer to help fix up their potholes instead. 


Ronell x

"If you travel around America you see different sections of highways donated by this or that person, and that's a slow beginning of what may end up being a situation common in the Third World: some sections of highways in wealthy areas are beautifully maintained and other parts are just dirt-strewn potholes." {Robert D. Kaplan 

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