Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Give Up Your Calories

Give Up Your Calories is an initiative by Action Against Hunger to try to restore the world's food balance. The idea is simple (and requires no dieting on your part!). Take a photo of your food and give your calories to those who need them most. The Give Your Calories app uses image recognition and barcode-scanning software to recognize your snack. It displays a preset donation amount based on its calories (100 calories = $1), which can then be donated via PayPal.

There are 3 simple steps:

1) Download the iTunes app:

2) Order/buy/make any food you fancy and take a photo of your food using the app

3) The app calculates the number of calories in your food and gives you the option to donate via PayPal (every 100 calories = $1)


Apologies to those of you (like myself) who do not yet own an iPhone, but this app does not seem to be on the Android market yet.

Help restore the world food balance by donating money for (at least some of) the calories you eat!


Ronell x

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