Monday, 15 July 2013

Share your "Happiest Moments"

Journalist Richard Deitsch unwittingly unleashed the following trend: when he saw a heartwarming picture backstage to a story he was working on, he tweeted to his followers, asking for other "Happiest Moment" pictures. 

He got more than 200 pictures - so powerful in capturing the essence of love inside people's hearts. 

Each picture wordlessly shows what life is about, what we strive for and dream about - the sweetness and preciousness of life and loving.

"I thought to myself how remarkable it was to have an image of what was clearly one of the best moments of Steven's life. I wondered: How many others have a similar image?" Mr Deitsch said. "I could never have expected what came next." - See the pictures here: 

So the Everyone Matters community passed on the challenge, and I am now passing it to you: Share YOUR "Happiest Moments" pictures online (facebook/twitter/instagram/etc) - and tell your friends and followers why- watch it brighten up their day and give hope and inspiration where you did not even realise it was needed! 


Ronell x

My happiest moment of 2013.. watching my best friend marry the man she loves (and being a bridesmaid)

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