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A21 // 11 days to raise awareness!

In 2008, Nick and Christine Caine founded The A21 Campaign, an anti-human-trafficking organization that is dedicated to abolishing slavery in the 21st century. A21 has a global presence around the world with offices in Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Australia, USA and South Africa. The A21 Campaign’s comprehensive approach includes raising awareness, preventing future trafficking, taking legal action and providing rehabilitation services for survivors.

Check out The A21 Campaign's mission and the facts and figures about human trafficking here:

The A21 Campaign's 'Freedom Challenge' is 11 days to raise awareness of human trafficking!

The course for FREEDOM CHALLENGE covers 10 countries in Eastern Europe, including 1250km of difficult terrain and steep climbs. This is a unique opportunity to raise awareness in some of the highest rated human trafficking source countries in the world.
The race starts in Sofia, Bulgaria, on October 6, 2013, with their core team of determined cyclists, and will finish Wednesday, October 16, in London, UK.

10 countries 
11 days 
1250 km
8 riders
1 goal ‪#‎A21FreedomChallenge‬ 

Check out their route here:

Support these cyclists in raising awareness and fighting for freedom in one (or more!) of the ways below:

1. Give

This event is big, and it’s tough. We can’t do it alone.Our goal is to raise $210,000 to help pay for the event and raise global awareness of the dangers of human trafficking. Whatever gift you can give is a tremendous help.
Donate Now

2. Raise Awareness

Raise awareness about the Freedom Challenge through social media. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Invite your friends to participate as well.

3. Attend the Event

If you can, please make every effort to attend one of the ride’s events at the host cities. Let our riders know how important abolishing modern-day slavery is by cheering them on in their efforts. You can find out when the riders will be near you in our news section and route page.

4. Join the Conversation

Speak out and let your voice be heard. Participate in our blog and let us know what you’re doing to raise awareness for the Freedom Challenge.

Ronell x

Freedom Challenge

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